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Wills & Will Storage

Putting your affairs in order is one of the kindest things you can do for your family

Estate Planning & Trusts

When organising your Will, and putting your affairs in order, it is easy to overlook the importance and benefits of Trusts.  Many people think that Trusts are purely for the super wealthy, but this is definitely not the case.


Lasting Powers of Attorney & Deputyships

A Lasting Power of Attorney is an important, legal  document that allows loved ones and trusted friends to make decisions on your behalf when you are not able to do so.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Talking about planning (and paying) for your own, or a loved ones funeral can often appear insensitive, but purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan can provide real peace of mind to your family

Long Term Care

Many people would not expect to see Long Term Care on an estate planning website, but with the costs associated with care, it is vital that you understand the options that are available to you, should you need care in the future.

Professional Attorneys & Deputies

Not everyone has friends or family who can act or are prepared to act as their attorneys.  If this is the case, then appointing a professional attorney to act on their behalf can be the ideal solution.

There are many reasons to consider using a Trust –

  • to ensure that assets and property are able to remain within the family ‘bloodline’.
  • Modern families, regrettably can have complicated dynamics, particularly if the relationship breaks down
  • Inheritance Tax may be a priority and placing assets in a trust may help reduce this ‘voluntary’ tax.
  • Protecting assets for young members  or vulnerable members of the family.

There are many different types of Trusts and to ensure that the correct Trust is used it is vital that you seek advice to ensure that the Trust contents reflect your needs and wishes.

We will work in partnership with your financial adviser or accountant to provide more complex solutions for larger estates or business assets.  Speak to Laura on 01442 800811 about how Trusts may be able to help you achieve your objectives.  You can find out more about them and the rest of our team by clicking here.